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Older adults are likely to suffer more after a fall

As New York residents age, their bodies might not be able to keep up with what their mind wants to do. If you’re nearing or enjoying your golden years, you already know that eating certain foods becomes problematic, range of motion is limited and ability to see or hear may fade. With age comes an increased need to focus on health.

Sadly, the body also becomes more susceptible to damage. Minor injuries may turn into serious or life-threatening issues. Falling accidents particularly become more of a concern for aging adults.

After divorce, what will happen to the kids?

Although parents may fall out of love with each other, they still adore their children. Divorcee parents naturally worry that they might not obtain the type of custody that they want.

In a divorce settlement, a couple can decide how to approach this topic together. However, disagreements may arise over who should raise the children. One spouse could claim that the other parent doesn’t deserve access to the children. It’s even possible that a third party could step in and claim that neither parent should have custody. The possible outcomes for children vary depending on the situation.

Worker’s compensation is not always bound to the workplace

Not every job takes place in a typical office or factory. Many workers have to travel for all or part of their day. Some jobs take place in other locations, such as a construction site, vehicle or public area.

In terms of worker’s compensation after an injury, these places can also count as the workplace. It is important to note that these employees can still seek aid if they are hurt on the job. In fact, many of these roles are more dangerous than they might be in a controlled office setting.

Does New York have stricter DWI laws than other states?

Each state has the ability to create its own laws for impaired driving. As a result, some states are more lenient on intoxicated drivers, while penalties are strict in other areas of the country.

Although a New York resident probably wouldn't move to another state for the sake of DWI laws, it is important to know where New York falls on the spectrum.

Divorce: Common financial questions

In a divorce, the parties must reach agreement on how they will divide their marital property. When the spouses cannot agree, then the courts determine how the assets are distributed.

In this post, we will take a brief look at common questions that people ask regarding the law and divorce finances.

Returning to work after an injury

Employees who are injured on the job and receive workers’ compensation benefits typically return to work. Many are itching to get back to their routine and feel like their day-to-day life has regained normalcy.

However, it’s important to understand what employees need to do before and after they return to work to continue receiving benefits and what their rights are as an injured worker.

First pedestrian dies after being struck by a self-driving car

Technology has always helped to shape American culture. While new inventions can be a great improvement in many ways, technology sometimes has its dark side.

Such is the case for autonomous vehicles. Although they might offer convenience, it's still unclear whether they will offer safety on the road. Unfortunately we are seeing several flaws in these early days of self-driving cars.

Study: Motorcycle helmet use may reduce cervical spine injuries

Motorcycle helmets don't cover the neck. So, it's hard to imagine how they could affect whether a rider suffers a spinal cord injury in a wreck. Nevertheless, a recent study in the Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine indicates that helmet use reduces the risk of a cervical spine (neck) injury. In particular, wearing a helmet appears to protect people from fractures of the vertebrae of the neck.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that helmet use is responsible for saving the lives of some 1859 people in 2016. The agency also says that 802 more lives could have been saved if every motorcyclist wore one. The agency can show that wearing a motorcycle helmet decreases the chance of getting a traumatic brain injury and also reduces the severity of those injuries.

Loophole can make it legal to drive while drugged

A loophole in New York law currently makes it legal for motorists to drive under the influence of certain drugs and not face criminal prosecution.

In order to be convicted, a driver in New York has to be under the influence of drug that appears on the state's list of illegal substances. The problem is that the chemical composition of certain drugs can be changed so that they won't appear on the list of banned substances.

5 common myths about divorce

The internet is a valuable research tool but, like Googling for advice on medical symptoms, inaccurate information can lead even the savviest person astray. You might even have a friend or two who've gone through a divorce who are more than willing to give you advice.

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