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New study shows the risks of noisy jobs

For some workers, the end of their shift means ringing ears or muffled sounds. When they go home at night, they might have trouble hearing their children’s voices. Over the years, the hearing problem may stop fading away – resulting in permanent hearing loss.

Not only might someone who works in a loud environment lose their hearing, but a new study suggests that the medical problems go deeper. Researchers linked frequent exposure to higher decibels of sound to sleep disturbances, raised stress (cortisol) levels, and mental performance.

Divorce after age 50: Common mistakes people make

When couples get a divorce after age 50, the issues can be much different than those for a couple who are in their 30s. And mistakes made in a gray divorce can be very costly.

Below are four mistakes that older people make when negotiating divorce terms.

In divorce, remember to adjust these long-term matters

Looking beyond the present can be extremely difficult while in a divorce. You may have more immediate concerns, such as keeping the house or seeking custody.

Smaller tasks, however, should not fall to the wayside just because they might not matter yet. A challenging part of divorce is keeping track of the ways in which your spouse may still be involved in your life.

Local minors were served alcohol. What if they had driven drunk?

Concerned parents usually keep a close eye on their teens, but they can’t see everything. These years are a time for teenagers to start exploring the freedoms of adulthood, including driving. However, some teens may learn the hard way that they aren’t free to do anything that they please.

A teen’s first encounter with law enforcement often involves substances that they shouldn’t have. Alcohol may be readily available at parties and friends’ houses, after all. However, a local sting operation revealed that alcohol may also be readily available to minors in restaurants and shops in several areas near Buffalo.

Crashed last year? There’s still time to get help

Infomercials are full of messages to “buy now.” This false sense of urgency boosts sales of household products, which are rarely pressing matters. In the legal world, however, time does matter when hiring an attorney. There’s one major reason why crash victims can’t wait to file a claim: the statute of limitations.

In New York, accident victims have within three years from the date of the crash to file a claim. An out-of-state crash may have a different length of time depending on local laws. Once this period is up, the victim cannot receive any compensation for car damage and repairs, medical costs, inability to work or for their pain and suffering. This makes for one of the most expensive cases of procrastination a resident may have in their life.

Office jobs can be hazardous for health over time

Many Buffalo residents have jobs that involve strenuous physical labor and hazards. However, white-collar jobs come with their own health concerns. Working at a bank, government bureau or other office can take a toll on your body over the years.

If you work in an office, you probably spend most of the day sitting or working on the computer. If you’re lucky, your employer will offer ergonomic options such as a sit-to-stand desk, seating that fits your body and enough break times to stretch. Unfortunately, many workers still deal with back, neck, hip or wrist pain by the end of the week.

When can police officers legally make DWI stops?

When are police officers allowed to stop motorists for a suspected DWI?

Under New York law, a police officer may stop a driver when the officer has "reasonable suspicion" that the motorist is intoxicated. When reasonable suspicion exists, the officer then may conduct a limited investigation of the DWI. Typically, this means the officer can conduct a Blood Alcohol Content/Breathalyzer test and/or field-sobriety tests.

Reestablish security and privacy at the end of a marriage

Lately, news media outlets have been abuzz with data and privacy scandals. Information, after all, can unravel a person’s life. Someone else can use your digital life against you to drain your bank account, steal your identity or punish you for a perceived wrong.

Maintaining privacy is as crucial as ever these days. Even if you think your ex-spouse is reasonable and mature, divorce calls for an update to as many security measures as possible. You might not be able to detect strong animosity at first. It’s best to begin taking these steps as soon as you start the separation process.

Dog attacks can be life-threatening

As the weather grows warmer and summer is on the horizon, New York residents and their pets are spending more leisure time outdoors. Gone are the days of shivering dog owners hurrying through their walks. The sight of these beloved pooches may put a smile on your face, but more dogs present around the neighborhood also means a greater possibility for an attack.

Most dogs are friendly, but any of them could pose a threat. Certain breeds may be more likely to act aggressively, but the reality is that dogs of any breed can become hostile. Attacks still happen, whether unexpected or provoked.

When is sole custody appropriate?

If you have started learning about custody matters, you may be nervous about the result of your divorce. Parents naturally worry that losing access to their children is a possibility. Some couples also use custody as a battleground to take out their frustration on the other spouse.

In short, courts only award sole custody if there is a compelling reason. As we have previously discussed on this blog, there are several factors that determine the right custody arrangement.

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